JoomlaPraise is now a part of Manos

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24 January 2013

We are very excited to finally announce that JoomlaPraise is officially part of Manos! At Manos, we have been designing and building some of the best Joomla-powered websites in the world for the past 5 years, and we are excited to bring our design and Joomla expertise to JoomlaPraise.

JoomlaPraise = Theme Praise

tp-logoWe have been hard at work developing a new brand identity for JoomlaPraise, and we are pleased to introduce to you Theme Praise. We haven't launched the new site yet, but it's coming soon. You can join the mailing list to be among the first to know when the new site launches. With that new site, we plan on launching at least 1 new theme each month on average. We have some other big plans for ThemePraise, so stay tuned for that after we launch!

What this means for you

For existing JoomlaPraise club members and any that sign up between now and the launch of ThemePraise, your membership will continue to be honored. You will continue to get access to all of our existing Joomla templates as well as all new Joomla teplates for the duration of your membership.

This also means new life for the club and new themes. It's been a while since JoomlaPraise has produced any new templates, and we're going to change that. Our focus going forward will be on producing new themes of the highest quality that continue in the JoomlaPraise tradition of being simple, easy to customize and easy to use.


All new Joomla templates we produce will use Manos' template toolkit, Motif. Motif is an open source, free (as in beer) template toolkit built to simplify the development of Joomla templates. We hesitate to call it a framework because it is intentionally simple and lacks the features of some other template frameworks floating around. We've been using it for over 3 years for our clients' websites, so it's well tested and well used, and it suits our needs perfectly. Some of the highlights of Motif include simple subtheme development to override the main template, automatic CSS and JS loaders, shortcut functions to simplify mundane template tasks, and (perhaps my favorite) an automatic LESS compiler so you can write all of your styles in LESS and let the template compile it to CSS for you! Motif is an installable library that works in Joomla 2.5 and 3.0, so all future templates will work in both.

We have a lot more to tell you when we're ready to launch Theme Praise, but we hope this is enough to get you excited about the future of this great club! We sure are excited!

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