Full speed ahead with jomCDN!

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22 May 2012

Some may have heard of jomCDN, some may have not. jomCDN which is offered by our parent company 'corePHP' is a powerful plugin that speeds up your Joomla site up to 80% faster. That's right JoomlaPraise and JoomlaPraise Demo sites all use jomCDN to take full advantage of the speed enhancements. Why would we want to increase the speed of our site. Well, first Google will love you and also your users will love you for a faster site to deliver the content they are looking for.

We have a great video to share with you that gives in-depth information about 'corePHP' jomCDN:



We like to thank OSTraining for putting a great video together.

For more information about jomCDN:

Michael Pignataro
VP of Operations

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